Seven Flock is a line of women's garments that are fun but tailored. We believe in the valuable feeling of luxury in natural fabrics. Our clothes is designed in Dallas, Texas and made in Honduras. I always say, "we take pride in the people we help grow." Fashion has created inequality among women, about 80% of people working in factories are women, several working in conditions that are unsafe. We are working to bridge the gap with not only women, but people around the world. Everything starts at our home base, with the mindset to not only care for people but the planet as well. Thank you for supporting my small business! I'm a one women show, with a bootstrap business, no outside financial help, all funded by me & my husband. We're grateful you selected to invest in one of my dresses! Join our journey to build the business up! 

The Process
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Designing sustainable apparel for eco-conscious women

We start by developing styles for all seasons, spring/summer and fall/winter we release about two dresses a season, one look at a time. Every style has a custom in-house pattern made by me, a petite women, with a curvy body. Once the pattern is fitted to me or my mannequin, I work with a USA based female grader to get our size range from XS-XL.  Each style is done in small batches, and we stick to our commitment of quality by not overworking our manufacturing partner. Our manufacturer is run and owned by women only, our motto is; POWERED BY WOMEN. They help provide classes in computers, cosmetology, jewelry making, and sewing. After the women have graduated the program they are offered micro loans to help get them out of poverty & start a business. Your purchase will help provide them a living wage, because they are 100% socially conscious. The best perk is that mothers are allowed to work from home and care for their kids if needed. 


The FabricsFabric scraps

All of the fabrics used are sourced from a company based in Korea that adheres to the 10 principles of the World Fair Trade Organization. We use naturals fibers/fabrics that decompose faster, as opposed to synthetics that stay in landfill for years. We use cotton, linen, tencel/lyocell , wool, or silk, in the future we hope to use dead stock fabric as well. In order to avoid sending scraps to landfill, they are gathered to create scrunchies. We also work with a company in New York to create new textiles to weave our scarps into fabric. We then use that fabric to create pillow cases, coasters,  or other garments. This company is also women owned and they employ all genders. 


The Pricing Model 

We are 100% socially conscious, with that in mind, we expect the same from our partners & only source from companies that have the same value. We work hard to find competitive pricing but not at the expense of other human beings. Everybody across our supply chain is paid a fair wage, from the fabric supplier to the thread supplier. Keep in mind, the longer a garment can be worn the better value it has, not only in construction but materials as well. With the understanding that sometimes it can be hard to pay all at once, we offer a payment plan option from Paypal & Afterpay. Check it out! Email us if you have any questions. 


She is clothed with strength and dignity;
    she can laugh at the days to come. Proverbs 31:25

Thank you!